Our approach towards providing quality education is in providing an idyllic learning environment with expert tutors and an exceptional curriculum that:

  • Fosters long-term critical thinking skills,
  • Emphasises derivation over memorisation, and
  • Prioritises curriculum continuity and mastery of concepts over pace.

All our tutors are stringently selected professionals with years of extensive experience and empirical knowledge. They possessed the passion to enthuse your child to thrive and achieve their full potential.

Our programs are designed to give your child the motivation to succeed. Progress is at your child’s own pace so they are never overwhelmed. We emphasise the positive aspects of every child.

Through experience we have learned how to effectively maximize the abilities of every child. We are passionate about what we do and we’d love nothing more than to speak to you about how we can help your child.

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Best Tuition Centre in Tampines
Best Tuition Centre in Tampines
Best Tuition Centre in Tampines
Best Tuition Centre in Tampines

Our Tutors Our Assets

“Minimum competence” is simply not the level of tutor knowledge and performance that is likely to motivate and instruct students effectively.

The requirement that all students be taught by “highly qualified tutors” is the linchpin of Maximind Eduhub.

Features that characterise our tutors, include extensive pedagogical content knowledge, better problem solving strategies, better adaptation for diverse learners, better decision making, better perception of classroom events, greater sensitivity to context, and greater respect for students.

Experience. Expertise. Energy. Enthusiasm. These are the capabilities and qualities of spirit that our tutors bring to each and every student engagement.

Together, we are all focused and committed to work with you and your child every step of the way:

  • Tackle thought-provoking questions with confidence.
  • Develop your critical & creative thinking skills.
  • Enhance your concept understanding.


A snapshot of some of our tutors’ credentials which highlight their diverse and practical experience across an array of different educational levels & environments. Their theoretical expertise, as evidenced by the advanced degrees that they hold in the academic disciplines.

Tutor Lim (Mathematics & Chemistry)
Master of Science (NTU)

Tutor Ms Lim is NIE-trained. With more than 20 years of experience and teaching in government schools, her explanation on concepts is very concise. She is very patience to clear her students’ doubts, bringing out the best in every student.

Tutor Beena (Science – Primary)
Bachelor of Science (Microbiology, University of Bombay)

A result-oriented tutor with more than 10 years of experience in teaching Science. Beena provides analogies to help her students understand Science keywords better. Thus, ensuring her students will achieve good results.

Tutor Gary (English)
NIE-trained professional

Tutor Gary is NIE-trained. Having a heart for the less privileged, with his knowledge and patience, he is constantly tutoring these students as a volunteer. Gary has a passion for creative writing. With a customized approach, he helps his students to develop a writing plan they are confident with.

Tutor Hendra (Chemistry – Secondary & JC)
Bachelor of Science (Hons. in Chemistry, NTU)
Gold Medal, Best Theory in Chemistry Olympiad,
President of Students’ Association

Tutor Hendra has coached more than 200 students, full time since 2012. 87% of his students have achieved A/B for Chemistry ‘A’ & “O’ levels.

Tutor Neo (Mathematics & Physics – Secondary & JC)
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering, NTU)

Tutor Neo is highly-trained with more than 18 years of experience in teaching Mathematics and Physics. With his clear explanation, his students are able to have a strong and good grasp of the subjects.

Tutor Pai (Physics – Secondary & JC)
Degree in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
(University of Pune)

Tutor Pai walks his students through basic concepts, building a solid foundation for the application of concepts to solve problems. He makes Physics learning simple for his students that translates into ace results.

Tutor Flora (Mathematics – Primary)
Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Economics, NUS)

Through more than 18 years of teaching, Tutor Flora has developed various methodologies to explain Maths concepts to make it easier to understand and enjoyable that has benefited many students. She has helped many of them to excel, within a short period of time.

Tutor Banu (English Language & Literature – Secondary)
Master of Arts (Literary Studies, NUS)
Bachelor of Arts, Hons. (English Language, NUS)

Tutor Banu has taught students of diverse academic potential. She guides students to understand and apply effective learning strategies and develop their confidence.

Best Tuition Centre in Tampines
Tutor Zhao (Chinese)
Teachers Training College (Hubei University, China)

Tutor Zhao is a MOE-registered Chinese language tutor. She is very good at instilling an interest in learning Chinese in her students, and is well sought after to conduct enrichments lessons in government schools.

Tutor Ang (Economics & POA)
Bachelor of Business of Administration (NUS)
ACCA Certified

Tutor Ang has been teaching Economics and POA to students for more than 10 years. With his experience as an accountant, he is able to explain the applications and theories of the subjects explicitly to clear the students’ doubts.

Tutor Eric (Mathematics Specialist)
Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Science, NTU)
Silver Award in Singapore Mathematical Olympiads 2007 (SMO – Senior Section)
Bronze Award in Singapore Mathematical Olympiads 2006 (SMO – Senior Section)

Tutor Eric has nurtured students from Primary, Secondary, Junior College, IP, IB, IGCSE, AEIS, SAT Math, and Math Olympiads for almost 10 years.

Tutor Dong (Chinese)
Master Degree (Australian National University)

Tutor Dong has been teaching Chinese language for almost 20 years at Chinese tuition centers, such as Han Lang school… as well as giving private tuition, and Chinese enrichment classes in various government schools.

Tutor Don (Mathematics & Physics)
Bachelor of Science (Upp Hons) (UOL)
He was on the Dean’s List for Business, and received various Academic awards.

Tutor Don has helped top students from Nanyang Girls, Cedar Girls (IP)… to excel in his subjects. His energetic personality and analytical mind articulate complex concepts to students clearly.

For your child…

As you can see, all our tutors are highly respected, qualified and trained professionals, to provide the best coaching for your child’s academic development.

What They SayWe could brag about ourselves… or you could hear from them yourselves…

"Coach Eric is a nice and understanding teacher who puts alot of time into making sure I understand his teaching. I am able to improve my Maths from D7 to A2 in SA2 exam just within 6 months with the help of his teaching methods."


"Hendra is a very kind hearted tutor who would patiently explain to me any doubts that I have regarding chemistry. After attending Hendra's lessons, I developed an interest for chemistry and my grades improved tremendously."


"Hey teacher Flora! I just got my results and I wanted to tell you I got A* for Math! Thank you for all your guidance and advice!! I could not have achieved it without you!!"


"Thanks Jennie. She's very happy, asks me must write to say huge thanks to you all... I can't do without your help, not all tuition centre personnel have the passion to do like what you have done la. Thank you thank you..."


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An Idyllic Learning EnvironmentA positive learning environment is vital to your child success. A clean and brightly-lit classroom that is well-organised with glass panel wall & door… make your child feel comfortable, safe, and strengthen learning experiences.

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