Hello Sec 4 students, time flies, Prelim Exams and ‘O’ Level are just months away. How’s your last year (Sec 3) chemistry chapters? Do you understand and still remember them?

Let’s enjoy your upcoming June Holiday by attending Chemistry Crash Course at Maximind! We will not only discuss the concepts but also train you to skillfully answer each exam style question.

Who should attend?
Secondary 4 Students taking ‘O’ Level Pure Chemistry

Why Crash Course?

  • Compact and intensive revision in a clear and concise manner.
  • Personally formulated Notes and Worksheets by our chemistry tutor, Hendra Wong.
  • Difficult and complicated concepts are explained in an easy-digestible manner.
  • Highlights the essential points to note, strategy towards answering every type of exam question skillfully with the right keywords and answer presentation.
  • Fun, interactive and engaging lessons which create a positive and nurturing learning environment that increases the students’ interest in chemistry.

What will be covered?

Day 1
Atomic Structure
Chemical Bonding

Day 2
Acid and Bases

Day 3
The Mole Concept and Chemical Calculation

Day 4
The Periodic Table

Date: 2, 9, 23, 30 June
Time: 3.30pm – 6.30pm (3hr)
Fee: $100 per session (Maximind student)
         $128 per session (New student)

Limited seats: 6 students in a class

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[email protected]
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Register before 31 May 2019.

About Teacher Hendra
Tutor Hendra (Chemistry – Secondary & JC)
Bachelor of Science (Hons. in Chemistry, NTU)
Gold Medal, Best Theory in Chemistry Olympiad

Tutor Hendra has coached more than 200 students, full time since 2012. 87% of his students have achieved A/B for Chemistry ‘A’ & “O’ levels. [ Testimonials from students ]


PHYSICS Revision
Physics sessions are designed to provide a complete coverage extensively for graduating levels. Dedicated materials will be handed out during the course and special highlights will be covered in association with examination trends over the recent past 5 years. Students who have been lacking behind or are looking to kickstart educated revision can make use of this period to help them achieve their desire plans and achieved success.

[ Download Lesson Plans ]

MATHS Revision
Mathematics sessions are specially curated to help demystify the most complex and challenging chapters anyone would face when tackling the Mathematics Syllabus. It focus specifically on the most technical questions students normally face during final MOE and GCE National O level exams. These sessions are great for students who are taking their National Examinations in the upcoming months.

[ Download Lesson Plans ]

About Teacher Donovan
Bachelor of Science (Upp Hons) (UOL)
He was on the Dean’s List and awarded various Academic awards.

Teacher Don has more than 10 years of experience in teaching Mathematics and Physics, and has helped top students from Nanyang Girls, Cedar Girls (IP)… to excel in his subjects.

6909 2728  9859 9686  [email protected]   Write Us.
Register before 31 May 2019.

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