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Does My Child Need Tuition?

You may have wondered why your kid would need tuition. So, let’s begin by highlighting one of the main contributors that is crucial to appreciate, but unfortunately, not something which you can influence directly.

Classroom size. We all know that the traditional classroom of 30 or so students is not the best way to learn for everyone. Your child may just not be getting the necessary attention he or she needs. Sometimes 90% of the information gets across, but that 10% deficit will add up eventually.

Next, conceptual difficulties. Your child is still struggling with the basics in some lessons, while his friends are already moving on to more advanced topics. Very often, this happens because your child has never completely understood the basics.

Frustration with schoolwork can potentially cause relationship issues with your child. You don’t have to watch your child be unhappy in school.

It could be a good idea for you to turn the reins over to the professional, and get that stressful task totally off your shoulders!

Someone your child can unload all his academic concerns on. Our tutors are mentors, as opposed to the authority figure that a parent or a class teacher is, and this makes the relationship much easier on your child. They can help transform your child`s weaknesses into strengths, and fears into confidence.

Of course, good grades. You want the best for your child, and you want to see him do really well.

MaxiMind offers a holistic learning programme that caters for every child’s needs, leading to gradual progress towards their academic goals. Regardless of individual’s ability, we have the resources to provide them with a systematic approach to excel with confidence and maximising their potential.

Come to us. We’ll do the heavy lifting.

WHY CHOOSE USCaring, Learning & Achieving Together

Focus on Your child

It’s important that your child is introduced to every concept & method at their level, and proceed at their pace. Our tutors are able to develop resources and effective teaching methods to help your child.

Experts & Quality

We focus on providing a quality classroom environment with expert and award-winning tutors, and an exceptional curriculum, enhanced and supported by the latest syllabus & examination criteria.

NOT a Franchise

Our tuition is designed and centred around your child, not the dictates of a franchisor. We promote communication and cooperation with peers through interactive classroom settings.

Achieve better grades with our NIE-trained and highly experienced tutors.

Don't be the same, be better!

JC Tuition (1-2) more info

GP, Literature, Chinese, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics

H1 & H2 Maths Revision

JC 1 & 2 Chemistry Revision

Secondary School Tuition (1-5) more info

English, Literature, Chinese, Mathematics, A. Maths, E. Maths, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics & POA

E & A Maths Revision

Primary School Tuition (1-6) more info

English, Chinese, Mathematics, Science

PSLE Maths & Science Revision

psle revision

PSLE Maths & Science

PSLE Maths

6 Sep (Thu) OR 7 Sep (Fri)
12pm – 3pm

We will go through the effective problem sums strategies commonly tested in PSLE.

PSLE Science

4 Sep (Tue) OR 6 Sep (Thu)
12.30pm – 3.30pm

The focus is on Booklet B and to polish the answering techniques to various types of structured questions.

'O' & 'A' Level Maths

E. Maths

3 Sep (Mon), 9am – 12pm.
Number & Algebra, Geometry & Measurement, Statistics & Probability.

A. Maths

4 Sep (Tue), 9am – 12pm.
Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry, Calculus.

H1 Maths

5 Sep (Wed), 9am – 12pm.
Functions & Graphs, Calculus.

H2 Maths

6 Sep (Thu), 9am – 12pm.
Functions & Graphs, Calculus, Sequence & Series, Vectors, Complex Numbers.

JC 1 & 2 Chemistry

3 Sept to 7 Sept 2018
2pm – 4pm
$80 per lessons

JC1 & JC2 revision

Mole Concept & Redox
Atomic Structure & Gaseous State
Chemical Bonding

JC1 starts ahead & JC2 revision

Introduction to Organic Chemistry, Isomerism & Alkanes
Halogen Derivatives

Be Wise & Revise

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WHAT THEY SAYFeedback & messages from parents and their children…

"Great Teacher. He always motivated me and encouraged me to work harder. I would not have made it this far without him. He taught me how to improve in mathematics with less effort. He also taught me to be healthy and to improve my focus and concentration. Thank you Mr Ong."


"Hey teacher Flora! I just got my results and I wanted to tell you I got A* for Math! Thank you for all your guidance and advice!! I could not have achieved it without you!!"


"Thanks Jennie. She's very happy, asks me must write to say huge thanks to you all... I can't do without your help, not all tuition centre personnel have the passion to do like what you have done la. Thank you thank you..."


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